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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Oh, sweet thing(s)

My oh my I feel like there is a lot to talk about! I feel like the first thing I have to do is be a bit narcissistic and address what I'm most excited to talk about, which is that I saw Vampire Weekend live (and can we overlook the phone camera quality here to appreciate that these have no zoom I really was that close!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!!!!!! 
It was a bit of a religious experience. 
The concert was at quite an intimate venue which I really appreciated, because I think they could sell out a much larger one if they wanted to. The atmosphere was so alight and happy and it was just the most exhilarating thing. My friends and I mingled with a couple of other fans and it was so nice; I feel like there's a bit of a VW sub-culture going on. After pretty much every concert I say this but I feel like because it's Vampire Weekend and they're my favourite ever it really is true when I say it was the best concert ever!! Also because I have a lot of memories linked to their songs and so it truly was an almost an out of body experience. 
And something interesting that I noticed: they didn't really dance the way other performers do (not that I think they're the super danciest type HA, HA) but Ezra especially used a lot of hand gestures and body language to go with the music, it was so fascinating to watch.

One of the soul sisters with which I went and I

Can we also talk about the fact that on the way there we met a ferret!! There was the kindest couple walking a few of them and we stopped to pet and hold them, and talk about ferret adoption and care.

Some nice pictures I saved. I don't know what I'll do with them yet - they may just end up in my visual diary - but I think they're gorgeous.

I made this while listening to Modern Vampires of the City, in my post-VW concert sadness. I was thinking recently how I think I'm the only visual artist I know that will often work in total silence because I need to listen to my thoughts and be a loner (not in a sad way, I just really like to be alone). But I am always able, I've found, to be creative when I listen to Vampire Weekend. Everything in this picture is related to at least one of the songs on that album. Basically I just sat and listened and thought and drew. I'm really happy with all the thinking I resolved to complete this.

Friendly faces

I feel like 2013 was the year of acknowledging that it was 2013. I dunno, maybe because we were so pleased with ourselves for surviving the apocalypse?? Woteva. Here's to an ace 2014 my friends; it's my last year of high school so the life bit of the life/blogging balance is probably going to win more, but I'm really trying to prepare a heap of posts so I don't have to worry so much about being a neglectful piglet throughout the year.

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