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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hair for a cause

  About two months ago (wow), I finally lopped all my hair off (if you've followed me for a while you'll know I've been deliberating about doing it for ages). I found these today; my sister took them about an hour before I did The Chop. I felt a bit cheated because I wasn't able to donate my hair (which had been my aim), and wanted to do something with it, even if that was something a bit creative. No, I'm not about to tell you I made a hair sculpture - I am in fact talking about these pictures.
  Though I like my short hair now, I'm disappointed this was all I could do. If you too are looking to chop off a lot of hair, I really recommend donating it. As I said unfortunately I couldn't (it wasn't long enough because I'd cut it for my formal, and it was layered; though I am now going to grow my hair again give it another try), but a dear friend of mine did and spoke so highly of it, so if you fit the criteria it's an excellent thing to do!
  Think of it as the slightly (much) longer version of Movember. Also so much more sustainable! Hooray for commitment and long life products! You might even get people to sponsor you so you can raise some funds.
  When you donate your hair the organisation of your choice will use it to make a wig for people living with hair loss related to cancer, or diseases like Alopecia Areata (which contrary to popular belief, affects even children). There are various requirements depending on the organisation you decide to go with - such as Pantene's Beautiful Lengths or AAAF. I really encourage you to look into it if you're interested; I love the idea of providing assistance in ways other than money.

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