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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Oh, sweet thing(s)

My oh my I feel like there is a lot to talk about! I feel like the first thing I have to do is be a bit narcissistic and address what I'm most excited to talk about, which is that I saw Vampire Weekend live (and can we overlook the phone camera quality here to appreciate that these have no zoom I really was that close!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!!!!!! 
It was a bit of a religious experience. 
The concert was at quite an intimate venue which I really appreciated, because I think they could sell out a much larger one if they wanted to. The atmosphere was so alight and happy and it was just the most exhilarating thing. My friends and I mingled with a couple of other fans and it was so nice; I feel like there's a bit of a VW sub-culture going on. After pretty much every concert I say this but I feel like because it's Vampire Weekend and they're my favourite ever it really is true when I say it was the best concert ever!! Also because I have a lot of memories linked to their songs and so it truly was an almost an out of body experience. 
And something interesting that I noticed: they didn't really dance the way other performers do (not that I think they're the super danciest type HA, HA) but Ezra especially used a lot of hand gestures and body language to go with the music, it was so fascinating to watch.

One of the soul sisters with which I went and I

Can we also talk about the fact that on the way there we met a ferret!! There was the kindest couple walking a few of them and we stopped to pet and hold them, and talk about ferret adoption and care.

Some nice pictures I saved. I don't know what I'll do with them yet - they may just end up in my visual diary - but I think they're gorgeous.

I made this while listening to Modern Vampires of the City, in my post-VW concert sadness. I was thinking recently how I think I'm the only visual artist I know that will often work in total silence because I need to listen to my thoughts and be a loner (not in a sad way, I just really like to be alone). But I am always able, I've found, to be creative when I listen to Vampire Weekend. Everything in this picture is related to at least one of the songs on that album. Basically I just sat and listened and thought and drew. I'm really happy with all the thinking I resolved to complete this.

Friendly faces

I feel like 2013 was the year of acknowledging that it was 2013. I dunno, maybe because we were so pleased with ourselves for surviving the apocalypse?? Woteva. Here's to an ace 2014 my friends; it's my last year of high school so the life bit of the life/blogging balance is probably going to win more, but I'm really trying to prepare a heap of posts so I don't have to worry so much about being a neglectful piglet throughout the year.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Awe Full


Seeing is believing

Praying to the wrong god

Discovery of Modern Art

1. A collage artist I utterly adore is the Belgian Sammy Slabbinck. His work is so rich in visuals but also in meaning; they are so cleverly done that they feel so complex and revealing. Especially when considering the titles of his pieces they become especially fascinating, and it's interesting to see how he ties certain ideas together.

Clockwise from top left: Connie Lichti king and queen bowl, tube o memory, Waffle bath towels, Charlie Sandford wooden candle holders
2. One, if not the ultimate, of my favourite brands is Gorman, except I've never owned any clothes from there as they are so expensive. Well! They relatively recently came out with a homeware range, complete with a pop up shop, so I am beyond excited. These are a couple of favourites of mine.

3. If you follow me on tumblr you may have noticed I have a thing for patterns, series and catalogues of things - there's something about them and how they are organised, even if they are the most disorganised thing in concept, that is so intriguing. This is one of the reasons why I was drawn to Claudia Rogge's photography. I like how she uses digital manipulation and yet everything flows so evenly. Not to sound like a pompous art museum guide or anything but I can really relate to this statement (below) of hers.
The fascination the theme "mass" exerts on me lies both in the content as well as in the formal and aesthetic aspect. As regards to content, it is indeed exciting to live in a time that on the one hand trains people for media, mass consumption, mass tourism etc. Aesthetically, the patterns and rhythms developed from masses are unique. You can find them in shoals and flocking birds as well as in major gatherings like military parades, processions, concerts, etc. Regarding this, I do not resort to already existing masses in my works, but simulate my own.

4. Recently I had this song, Walls, sent my way by the band Baskervillain. I had a listen and actually really like and appreciate it. It's quite individual and my kind of music; actually I think it's the sort of thing a lot of people can enjoy and can easily blend in and out of focus. They've received some great reviews on their Triple J Unearthed page and I do truly think they're onto something! I feel like there's a lot of similar stuff on Triple J Unearthed so this was very refreshing.

All Marimekko photos frome here

5. ANOTHER GR8 BRAND FOR Y'ALL: Marimekko, direct from Finland. Scandinavian style is so crisp and funky, which is really the best combination. I think this is the sort of brand you'll like if you like Missoni. How can you not be about to lose your jaw in awe of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection???!!?!?!?!!!!

I'm only posting 5 items in today's Awe Full post because it's so image heavy, but next week I should be back to normal with 10. I hope you've had a wonderful first week of 2014.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Favourite Artists

Phoebe Wahl



Her website

Eleanor Hardwick


Collaboration with Minna Gilligan

Her website
Her tumblr

Freya Flavell

In other news, happy 2014 - I hope this one is an interesting one for you. I haven't done a post like this in a while so I thought it was time.
All the images come from the relevant links given for each artist.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Foodfather Christmas

I hope you had an exciting Christmas (if you celebrate it - and if not I hope your day was exciting nonetheless!) I am feeling very satisfied at the moment, in the way you do after a good meal. I really got into the Christmas spirit this year - not the spirit of doing festive things exactly, but I've been really appreciative of the people and things around me (SO CLICHE it would hurt if it wasn't so true!)
I'm finally posting pictures of my chopped off hair; not sure how much anyone really cares but I felt sort of obliged given all my complaining for wanting to do it that's been going on.
And much more interesting than that: what has become a somewhat regular fixture on this here blog, a leedle food update.

Zucchini pancakes, for an innovative new kind of brinner (which originates from the Latin 'breakfast dinner', for the uninformed). I was actually amazed at how entertaining they are to eat - you can make a sandwich, or a taco type thing, or really anything they are just so damn cool!!!! And so easy to make - basically just a plain, unsweetened pancake recipe with grated zucchini.

Mango lassi

Pretty watercolour-esque remainders of ice cream, biscuits and berries

A gluten intolerant friend and I made gluten-free crumpets

For forever my siblings and I have made each other Christmas gifts - this year one of my sisters got a hot chocolate mix with homemade marshmallows. I'd be telling a big fat FIB if I said they weren't tricky but they turned out fabulously. If you're interested in making marshmallows, I would recommend being patient (you really do need to let things go for as long as the recipe says) and employing a small island's worth of people to help you because there are so many things to do at once and there's a lot of stress with them all being needed to be done at precise moments.


I watched The Godfather a couple of nights ago with my sister and dad because I was so fed up with the humiliation every time another Italian told me off (like literally told me off in a go-in-the-naughty-corner kind of way) (srsly) for not having seen it yet. SO I DID IT AND IT WAS GOOD. I'm really excited to see the third because apparently there's a young Sofia Coppola in there (Francis Ford Coppola directed the trilogy) and that would be kind of weird but cute!! So to conclude this essay I would advise you to see this film if you haven't already.
I'm off to have a delicious deep sleep, I hope your day is/has been interesting.
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