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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Diary soundtrack feeling // relaxy playlist

I can literally scroll through my music in the order I downloaded it this year and hear the phases I listened to them in - 
When I was sick and dreaming a particular recurring dream, 
When I had a music conversation with a friend and dug out the nostalgic tracks, 
When I got really excited about a show, 
When I was feeling giddy and happy about various relationships, 
When I realised something awful, 





It's so curious and better than any written diary in some way. I can't always fully translate what I think into words but by listening to these songs in that order makes me relive all these memories very vividly - for better or for worse.
I think I realised this on a day when I was needing to get my mind off something, and upon scrolling through my library put a certain song on, and said out loud, "but I can't deal with you today." Because that song was the first of a series that I listened to when in said situation that I wasn't in the mood for.
This has made me so hyperconscious of what I listen to all of a sudden, and I can't believe it's taken me this long to realise!!! It feels almost stupid even writing this because duh, of course, everyone talks about the power of music on mood/feeling/triggers/etc so often. But I have really become conscious of it now. So weird given I'm someone obsessed with documenting everything???

  1. Clair de Lune // Kite String Tangle (cover of Flight Facilities)
  2. Late night // Foals
  3. The ballad of Keenan Milton // Devendra Banhart
  4. Ache // FKA Twigs
  5. Coulda been my love // Foxygen
  6. Alone in Kyoto // Air
  7. Losing you // The Harpoons (cover of Solange)
  8. Videotape // Radiohead
  9. The winner is // Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack
  10. Hannah Hunt // Vampire Weekend (this is my comfort song so it probably goes on every soundtrack I'm not even gunna apologise)
  11. Playground love // Air
  12. Blue blood // Foals
  13. Water damage // Dick Diver
Yeah. Anyway I'm going to curl up in my yellow lit room and listen to this relaxy playlist. It's the best ever to listen to before bed and float away to and makes me feel safe and aaaaaaaahhhh :-----)


On another note - I think blue has got to be one of the best colours. I'm not a favourite colour person but have to say there is just no ugly shade of blue, and that's got to count for something in the colour world, right?

Monday, 6 October 2014


Miranda the terrarium

The Anastasia music box // one of the best gifts I've ever received

Important glass + a tea cup

BFF starring in the 1978 box office hit Cutest Photo Ever

Wagyu beef burgers 4 2 love birds

Seaweed salad

Hi! Have a randomised collection of photos!! Hope everyone's had a lovely weekend!!!! Halso every sentence in this post so far starts with a H!!! Hcool!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Movies I've seen recently


Anna Karenina
This is going on my favourites list for sure it is so well made. After I got past the fact that the same people (Kiera Knightely and Matthew McFayden if you're wondering) that play Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice are siblings in this movie I enjoyed it so much. It's set in the "twilight of Imperial Russia" (which makes it sound so lovely) and is set up like a play. Like there'll be a normal scene and for the transition there's a zoom out and you're thinking "oh hey they were on a stage this whole time" and an actor walks off and across the theatre into the next scene, or the setting changes around them (complete with people moving props around). Then the secretive scenes are in the wings or underneath the stage, and there's room for creative indulgence too with some really visual and removed-from-reality dreamy scenes. This is a really elementary description but I promise you if the storyline isn't enough watch it for the format!! REALLY RECOMMEND.

The Darjeeling Limited
I hadn't seen this movie for ages and rewatched it recently, to decide that it is so so underrated and possibly my new Wes Anderson fave. True to Wes the writing is genius, everything you see and hear is perfectly placed, and it's set in India so all the settings are s t u n n i n g (got some good Indian landscape shots in so they did good). I love his work but I know Wes isn't for everyone - but I think this movie is one for those people.

Seven Years in Tibet
I know I already wrote about this in my last Awe Full post but this needs more attention. I don't always understand what Brad Pitt is trying to do but somehow it makes his character more complex rather than all over the place?? Also not related to Brad Pitt at all but everyone should watch this movie just to get them interested in/aware of the oppression of the Tibetan people.




Requiem for a dream
Something I've been meaning to see for longer than I can remember. The idea of putting the whole story about the same set of characters under the format of the theme of addiction is so interesting to think about as you watch. There are a lot of repeated elements that made me acutely aware of this so it makes for a very tingling watch.
Dead Poets' Society
Another one that's been on my hit list forever. I think the winning descriptors for this are delicate and passionate, with a special mention for private school boy teen angst. I don't want to ignore the importance of the parent problems, Mr Keating's rad teaching, or it's revival of underrated gems like carpe diem and poetry itself, but I'm going to justify mentioning Neil's jawline to myself by saying I don't want to spoil any of those aforementioned good bits for anyone :------)
Also for any Australians - did anyone else not LAUGH when they first heard that Neil Perry was called Neil Perry?? All I could think of for a while after that was the pony tail chef of the same name who never knows when to quit with the olive oil.

If anyone has any I'd love some movie recommendations, my never-ending watch-it-next list is always looking for new chums to join!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Drawing çelfiés // new tunes

One of the loveliest things I can remember is a few years ago when I drew a farewell card for one of my buddiest buds' exchange student. She looked at the girl on the cover and asked, "is this me?" Before I could answer aforementioned buddiest bud said, "when Katia draws you, she doesn't draw you, she draws your personality."
I flushed all sorts of happy and said something inarticulate like "oh my god yes!!!!" because she said exactly what I meant to do before I had consciously started thinking about that being how I wanted to draw.
I've taken to drawing my mood lately in a lil moleskine diary I sort of started a while ago but haven't really used but wanted to revive.

It's funny because these faces don't really look much/anything like me, but I look at them and honestly feel like I see my own face; I really feel like I've drawn myself into these and it just feels so ~nice~
This is something I'm thinking I'd like to keep up, so if you like you can watch the collection grow over here!

On an unrelated note, two albums I've been hanging out for for aGeS finally landed on the internet!!!!! Neither disappoint so all is well in my universe. Part of the Harpoons' Falling for You can be streamed here and you can (already!) listen to the entire Encyclopedia by the Drums below:

Or just be a champ and buy them???? I dunno whatever you're into I'm not judging.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Garden baby

Fuzzy blue marshmallow wing device - market 
Boobey tubey - Italy 
Necklace - gift 
White pantaloons - Italy 
Jacket - idk sorry I'm not gr9 at this 
Shoes - Converse 
Pout colour - Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Lovesick 

I liked this so much I am considering outfit repeating it (you heard it here first just saying). According to my Theory On How To Tell When Things Are Ready*, spring has sprung! Funnily enough it's going to be the toughest period of the year yet as the whole of it will be exam preparation and actual examining, but I! Don't! Care! Because! I! Love! Spring!

*The theory is that when something's ready, or perhaps more accurately, burgeoning, you can smell it. i.e. that's my way of backwardly saying the cherry blossoms stink so good!! This is also true for food - when you can start to smell the pasta sauce you know it'll be ready soon. Genius.
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